How To Sell Us Your Items

At home make a list of what you are sending by describing the items with pictures of both the front and back. Also any identification marks inside rings and on the back of pins etc.
Keep a copy of the list for yourself and send me a duplicate list via e-mail at
All packages are opened by me in a secure area. By e-mailing me a list of what is enclosed in the box I will be able to verify if everything was sent. If I find any discrepancies in the package I will contact you immediately. Please enclose your telephone number and e-mail address on your packing slip.

All packages must be sent Express Mail U.S.P.S. to us Monday thru Thursday, never on Friday.
Address all packages to...
Kron or Uncle Marty (with no mention of Jewelers).
P.O. Box 245
Lebanon, Georgia 30146.

Go to your local post office in your area where they will supply a free mailing box for your use. Take the box to your home and wrap your items with Saran wrap or any material that will prevent your valuables from rattling ( making noise) inside the box.
Do not bring your valuables unwrapped to the post office.
Never tell anyone in the post office what you are mailing, even if they ask.

They are required to ask if the items are liquid or flammable. However they are not required to know if you are mailing valuables or exactly what is in the package.

Using Express Mail I will receive the package overnight.
My post office has a secure area which is set aside for all my packages.

Any questions please write me at

Your post office will accept and charge you for any amount you claim the package is worth. All too often sellers over insure their valuables. If there is a loss consider how you will verify the amount your valuables are worth.

Verification can be made by original invoices as to what was originally paid for those items sent.
Verbal values are not acceptable for the post office to pay you for loss.
Therefore we suggest you mail packages Express Mail for the amount they automatically insure your package, no more.
I have mailed multi thousand dollar valuables Express Mail using the post office and have never had a loss. - PO Box 245 - Lebanon - GA - 30146 - (866) 595-4687 -